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More from Jim… This below is how I introduce my tfoce.com website which this new substack will compliment:

This website isn’t fancy, I know that. It serves a purpose though. I needed an inexpensive way to publish information on important topics that aren’t being reported on fairly. We are currently living through a time when mainstream media, social media, government, major search engines, etc. are blocking legitimate and knowledgeable voices from being heard.  They are only allowing the official “narrative” to be heard.  You cannot “google” many of the topics covered on this website and find  information that might offer another view on the topic, contrary to the narrative. That is wrong. We should be able to easily find information on all sides of topic in order to be fully informed and to make knowledgeable decisions for ourselves. That’s the whole constitutional idea behind the “Freedom of Speech.” So that’s what I’m doing here with this website – providing a place where you can read and hear the “other side” of the story from experts that should be heard. Please understand that I do this website in the spare time between my full time job and being a husband, dad and grandpa. I know it’s not polished, I know it’s a bit cumbersome, just please be patient with the site, there is good information to be found here. 

NOTE: On the pages within this site that show as a white document image (actually it’s a PDF file), that means there is more information available than this inexpensive website builder will allow me to display normally. So, I put the entire PDF document up which is basically my working file for the topic. To access this, just click the document image or the link above that image. This will open the PDF in another tab.  I know this method for displaying the info is not optimal, but it’s the only way for me to easily share all the info. It’s best to view these PDF’s on a computer in the browser or in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app (where it is searchable). 

I hope this site is of benefit to you. Thanks for reading.


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Covid "Facts" censored by mainstream media, social media, etc.


I’m an Engineer in Information Technology. Married with five grown children. I share info gleaned from Substack and other sources, on my own Substack and on my website. Http://tfoce.com